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CapitalFlash is a cross-globe union of stocks, forex and cryptocurrency traders. We operated as an equity crowdfunding portal dedicated to endless innovation and assisting communities thrive. Our platform opens the door for unaccredited investors. In fact, we at CapitalFlash, welcome anyone who has a special interest in forex and crypto markets to support the businesses they know and love through Regulation Crowdfunding offerings.
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Discover our user friendly platform in which top investment experts operate under the simple and natural control of each user.

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Your funds are managed in different portfolios including forex trading, crypto currency mining systems and Bonds, previously available only to professionals in the fields.

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- How To Invest? -


Choose an Investment Plan

Select the plan and term that suits your budget and time.
You can always further invest under any of the plans from your account when you have signed up.


Sign Up for an Investor Account

Having selected an investment plan, choose how much you wish to deposit -you can skip this step- and fill out a very simple form to complete your registration.


Top-Up Your Account

Deposit to your investment account through an accessible medium. Available payment systems are ePayCore, Perfect Money and PAYEER. We also accept Cryptocurrencies for ease of international deposits and withdrawals.


We Trade and Invest Strategically with Your Funds

Our investment team then take it from here. Using their know-how and innovative tools that are not available to average traders, your investments are strategically added to our trading portfolios.


Your Account Rreceives Interests Weekly

The interest amount is based on the investment plan and changes every week. It varies depending on the investment plan.


Withdraw or Re-invest Your Returns

Anytime, you can request your earned interests (ROI) for payout directly thru your preferred payment system or cryptocurrency wallet. You may also put them back at work for re-investment.

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Minimum Investment: $1
Maximum Yearly Investment(s)* Learn more : $2,200
Business ROI: 1 ~ 7% weekly forever
Compounding ROI: 5 ~ 35% (one-time) after 1 month
Cancel Investment at Anytime! applicable management fee*
No Deposit Needed! Invest or withdraw your referral commission instantly.


Minimum Investment: $100
Maximum Yearly Investment(s)* Learn more : $10,700.00
Business ROI: 7 ~ 21% weekly forever
Compounding ROI: 35 ~ 100% (one-time) after 1 month
No Deposit Needed! Invest or withdraw your referral commission instantly.
Cancel Investment at Anytime! applicable management fee*

Rates & Terms
Except for the compounding term, investments receive interests every 7 calendar days. The investor has the right to keep his investment running as long as he needs. He can also cancel his investment anytime he wants. The interest amount varies depending on the investment plan (starter or master) and the current week.

Tax Considerations: Interest and referral commission incomes are exempt from the New York State income taxes.

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Frequently asked questions
How may I make an investment?

Start with chosing the investment plan that suits you: You can check all actual investment plans in your member area on Select Plan page.
Type, then how much you want to invest in the 'Investment Capital's field.
Next, pick-up a payment method and proceed to checkout. You'll have to follow the instructions in our payment gateway and your investment will be confirmed to be activated by our technical team.

Does the profit include my initial investment?


How may I withdraw funds?

To withdraw profit go to the "Request Payout" menu or click on the Payout button on your Dashboard.
If you want to cancel a running investment and withdraw the invested capital, go to "My Investments" menu, select an investment and click the cancel investment button. You'll be redirected to the payout page to process your withdrawal.

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